Denver Nowicz
Owner Wealth For Life and
Servicing Families and Businesses since 2000.
• Host, “Get Wealthy Arizona,” a weekly radio show on wealth planning featured across Arizona and nationwide on the internet.
• Specialist in wealth planning, financial services and tax free retirement.
Better Business Bureau A listing.

Personal Statement
Starting fifteen years ago my Mom, Dad and Grandmother all developed health issues. Like many Americans, they had each followed conventional wisdom when it came to financial planning. My father, who owned a small business, had a hard time keeping up with taxes and inflation. As his health went downhill, the savings he had did not last long. My mom invested an inheritance she received from her grandfather in the stock market back in the late 1970’s. Unfortunately the stock did not do well and she lost all of her money. This money could have made a big difference in her situation as later in life, she and my grandmother moved in together to help each other financially. However, in spite of this, the house and extra medical care still proved too much so they both came to live with me until their passing. My grandmother at 93 and my mom at 79. As I experienced the financial frustration of my family, I began to think of all the people out there who try so hard to provide for themselves, only to see it disappear in the stock market or get slowly eaten up by taxes, fees or inflation. I had watched this happen to my loved ones first hand. I decided there had to be another, better way to save for retirement. Whether you are nearing retirement, or just starting to plan for the future, I can provide the solutions to help your wealth last a lifetime.

Increasing retirement income
Reducing taxes
Eliminating risk
Reducing costs
Tax free retirement
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matt pic1Matthew Battaglia
Associate Agent
Matthew is originally from New York and also grew up there. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelors Degree. He has an extensive business career that started in his early twenties, working in sales, management and marketing fields before settling into radio. Radio opportunities brought him to the valley in 1998 where he eventually became a minority owner of KFNX 1100, a talk station in Phoenix. Matt started in insurance and finance five years ago originally on the operations and marketing side for advisors through radio and other media. As a small business owner he can relate personally to the challenges the majority of his clients face daily. Having to budget for his business for years he understands all too well how important it is to have one’s finances in order and control debt. He lives with his wife Amy in their house in Tempe. Matt enjoys coffee, movies, golf, football, books (especially on history and business) and whatever his wife enjoys.