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Market trends and how they affect your wealth: Part 2 of 2

Posted by | March 26, 2014 | economy, retirement income | No Comments

Strategies for long term bear markets to keep your wealth growing.

Since we have seen how long bear markets can last and that most investors don’t have a 100+ year time horizon, we need to plan for bear markets that could fall into your peak saving years and income years.

There are strategies to overcome this and keep your wealth growing using real estate, investments and insurance products. Today we will focus on the using index crediting strategies in insurance products.

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Compare the time frame in the chart below to the Dow jones chart in the previous post:

Keep in mind the above results are based on a specific cap and floor and which can vary and change based on current rates. Also, the numbers are gross historical crediting rate before fees and cost. Same goes for the Dow chart regarding fees and costs.

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