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The Great Annuity Deception

Posted by | January 12, 2014 | annuities | One Comment

Annuities can be a great way to create income for life. But not all annuities are good and consumers are not being told about what can go wrong with the vast majority of annuities sold in the market today.

About Denver Nowicz

Denver Nowicz is an independent financial services professional. He is the founder of Equity4Profit and Wealth For Life Financial Solutions. Over the last 12 years, Denver has successfully developed and implemented comprehensive wealth building retirement plans for individuals and businesses of all sizes. For over seven years he has hosted the “Get Wealthy Arizona” radio show featured throughout Arizona.

One Comment

  • Jim Savoy says:

    Good point Denver, and its nice to see it being addressed!

    Not only did LSW have the first flexible premium IA in the market place, but we actually introduced the “inflation protection” payout option with our Marquee 8 income rider a couple years ago. Not sure why this option does not receive more interest in general, as it does address future concerns very well (especially for the early retirees).

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