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Retirement Taxation Pitfalls & Opportunities

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Most Americans are heading down the path of having to pay more an higher taxes come retirement time. With tax free life insurance, it simply means paying taxes now rather than paying them all at once during retirement. There are many benefits in investing in tax free life insurance, learn more about the many opportunities below.

Retirement Taxation Pitfalls & Opportunities | Life Insurnace Advisor Denver Nowicz Scottsdale Arizona

The tax deferral problem

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radio signalTopics and short clips from our radio shows:

  1. Doesn’t a 401k or Defined Benefit Plan save me money? (It depends. It could cost you more.)
  2. Won’t I be in a lower tax bracket at retirement? (The media says yes, reality….not so much.)
  3. If I pay taxes now, don’t I have less to invest? (Turns out it’s probably the same. How is this possible?)
  4. Total Time: 7min 59sec

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The Hidden Gamble in 401k and Defined Benefit Plans

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A defined benefit plan or 401k plan is a great way to shelter money from taxes.  While the benefits are well established, a key omission is you have to pay those taxes later. Will taxes be lower or higher in the future?

As recently as 1978 income over $200k was taxed at 70%. Taxes are historically low now.  Are we deferring taxes now at a lower rate only to be taxed at a higher rate when we retire?   Maybe a more diversified approach is needed. Read More

Join us at Fleming’s Steakhouse for an introduction to our wealth building strategies

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Fleming’s Steak House – December 4th from 6:30-8:30 pm

Event topics:

  • The importance of tax diversification – having taxable and tax free sources of income and the use of life insurance to create tax free income streams.
  • An in-depth analysis of index life policy growth strategies and costs
  • How to protect yourself from negative stock market results without sitting on the sidelines.
  • The importance of liquidity and access to capital going forward.
  • New innovations in financial products – uncapped potential with downside protection.

Who should attend:

Existing clients are always welcome. This a great way to stay informed on the strategies we are implementing.

Potential clients: Our dinner events are designed to introduce our strategies to people who would like to investigate the possibility of becoming a client.  We hope you will see value and give us the opportunity to help you create wealth for life.

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