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Required Minimum Distribution Strategies

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At the age of 70.5 the IRS forces retirees to withdrawal money from their IRA, 401k, SEP, 403b and defined benefit plans, whether they need it or not. For some people this can cause a lot of financial stress in the form of large tax bills. In this interview with Retirement News Today we discuss a way to shelter portions of your IRA fund from required minimum distributions – meaning less taxes to pay.

Required Minimum Distribution Strategies | Retirement Planner Denver Nowicz Scottsdale Arizona

Planning For Inflation During Retirement

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Many investors are facing a big dilemma with inflation once they enter retirement.  The dangers lies with annuity payouts that provide no protection from inflation.  This is usually never discussed when the annuity is sold and can come back to bite the investor hard down the road. Learn more on how to protect your wealth from inflation during retirement.

Planning For Inflation During Retirement | Scottsdale Financial Planner Denver Nowicz from Sequence Media on Vimeo.

Retirement Taxation Pitfalls & Opportunities

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Most Americans are heading down the path of having to pay more an higher taxes come retirement time. With tax free life insurance, it simply means paying taxes now rather than paying them all at once during retirement. There are many benefits in investing in tax free life insurance, learn more about the many opportunities below.

Retirement Taxation Pitfalls & Opportunities | Life Insurnace Advisor Denver Nowicz Scottsdale Arizona

Detroit Bankruptcy Where Does Arizona Stand?

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With Detroit recently declaring the city Bankrupt, many people are wondering where does Arizona stand with pension programs? Retirees in the state of Arizona are now concerned about pension programs and 401k programs and suffering market losses. Thankfully Arizona is not in as bad of shape as Detroit is currently. Learn more in the video below on how Arizona is making changes to pensions and retirement plans.


Detroit Bankruptcy Where Does Arizona Stand? | Retirement Planner Denver Nowicz Scottsdale Arizona from Sequence Media on Vimeo.

The tax deferral problem

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radio signalTopics and short clips from our radio shows:

  1. Doesn’t a 401k or Defined Benefit Plan save me money? (It depends. It could cost you more.)
  2. Won’t I be in a lower tax bracket at retirement? (The media says yes, reality….not so much.)
  3. If I pay taxes now, don’t I have less to invest? (Turns out it’s probably the same. How is this possible?)
  4. Total Time: 7min 59sec

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