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Retirement Taxation Pitfalls & Opportunities

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Most Americans are heading down the path of having to pay more an higher taxes come retirement time. With tax free life insurance, it simply means paying taxes now rather than paying them all at once during retirement. There are many benefits in investing in tax free life insurance, learn more about the many opportunities below.

Retirement Taxation Pitfalls & Opportunities | Life Insurnace Advisor Denver Nowicz Scottsdale Arizona

The tax deferral problem

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radio signalTopics and short clips from our radio shows:

  1. Doesn’t a 401k or Defined Benefit Plan save me money? (It depends. It could cost you more.)
  2. Won’t I be in a lower tax bracket at retirement? (The media says yes, reality….not so much.)
  3. If I pay taxes now, don’t I have less to invest? (Turns out it’s probably the same. How is this possible?)
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Life Insurance As An Investment Tool

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With the uncertainty in the market these days and the ever looming threat of increased taxes, many investors are looking for alternative strategies to grow wealth.  Strategies that can provide protection from market downturns without sacrificing growth and strategies that can provide tax free income streams during retirement. For high income earners, the tax free strategy has a particular appeal.

For a number of years now, life insurance has been one of the fastest growing alternative asset where investors can  have protection and create tax-free income.   However, a quick search on the internet will show differing opinions on whether or not life insurance is a good place to grow wealth.  Read More