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Financial Stress for Employees Impacts the Workplace

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Business-Stress-Man-With-Text-Anxiety-480x33040% of Employees report they have financial stress. How does this affect business profits?

Many employers may be surprised to hear that one of the biggest issues employees have is not job security, deadlines or a co-worker but their own personal financial stress. The problem affects 4 in 10 workers and commonly distracts them every week from their job at hand.

From a recent study, employees admitted they are commonly spending a few hours a week on average during work time either dealing with or worrying about financial troubles. This not only affects the efficiency of a business day to day when workers are distracted, but also the ongoing productivity as workers miss more time due to illness that is stress related. Read More

Your tax bill: $321,050

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money_in_toilet_800_clr_4526-1Your tax bill: $321,050

If you are a successful professional or business owner and your goal is to retire with $100,000 per year in retirement income, this is roughly what you can expect to pay in taxes over the course of your retirement.  (Let’s assume you retire at 65 and you or your spouse lives to age 90.)

How can this be your tax bill? Aren’t taxes supposed to be lower when you retire? Read More